Wider Fellowship

United Church of Christ

Orinda Community Church is an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ. UCC is the coming together of many rich and diverse denominational traditions including the Congregational Churches founded in Plymouth in 1620, the Puritans, the Reformed Churches, Christian Churches and Evangelical Churches. UCC has also been very active in supporting new and emerging Congregations, many of which have started with ethnic roots. The UCC motto, That they all may be one (John 17:21), expresses the commonality of our Christian faith, yet recognizes and accepts the differences in the details of our worship.

Northern California Nevada Conference

The Northern California Nevada Conference (NCNC) is the regional fellowship of 130 UCC congregations in an area extending from the Oregon border to Porterville in the San Joaquin Valley, and from Reno to the Pacific Ocean. The NCNC supports UCC congregations in many ways. It coordinates mission and outreach effots, functions as a pastoral search clearning house, maintains pastoral standards, operates an outstanding summer outdoor ministry program for children and youth, and holds periodic meetings for purposes of fellowship, education, advocacy, and action. More information.

Bay Association

The Bay Association is the local fellowship of 40 UCC congregations in the San Franciso East Bay. The Association offers opportunities for mutual support, fellowship and learning, and in addition exercises responsibility for ordination to the ministry of the United Church of Christ. More information.

Pacific School of Religion

Since its beginning, Orinda Community Church has benefited from a close working relationship with Pacific School of Religion (PSR) in Berkeley. Orinda Community Church serves as a recognized Teaching Parish for PSR, and every year a selected seminarian serves our congregation as minister-in-training. Each of them has helped us broaden our perspectives was well as gaining practical experience in parish ministry. These programs are administered by the Field Education Ministry at PSR. PSR which was the first Protestant seminary founded in California is affiliated with Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. The Graduate Theological Union offers graduate programs and study for many Christian and Non-Christian denominations. More information.